A new certified garden at Watchung Avenue, in Upper Montclair – Measures: 30’X35’


Dr. Lawrence Knapp’s Garden is a recently certified garden at Watchung Avenue in Upper Montclair. It's a small yard, approximately 30 feet by 35 feet. The property is bordered on two sides by Toney's Brook--a veritable habitat highway. They've had the same pair of Mallard ducks for the last four years, endless raccoons, blue herons, bees, butterflies and a very special visitor: the night heron, which is a threatened species in New Jersey (See picture below).

Night Heron

Blue Heron


A Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat Garden on Grove Street

Lot Measures: 45 X 135 Feet

Features: Native plants chosen to attract birds and butterflies. More than 46 species of native plants! Free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

 We would like to know about other certified gardens.  If you have certified your Montclair garden as a backyard habitat, please send us a short description of your garden and any picture you may have and we will post your information.

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